Up to a 6 piece band of an audience of 300 - 500

HK Audio Contour CT115

2x HK audio CT115 Speakers
The CT 115 is a passive speaker cabinet that may also be configured in biamp mode. Offering an extended lowfrequency range and featuring a dual-purpose housing, it can serve as a FOH speaker as well as a stage monitor. The CT115’s hallmarks include speech intelligibility, extraordinary phase linearity, and wide dynamic range.

HK Audio Contour CT118

2x HK Audio CT118 Subs
The CT118 Sub is a direct-radiating bass reflex subwoofer designed for use in active sound reinforcement systems. Delivering uniform bass response, it renders impulses with accuracy and authority even at peak loads.


2x JBL SRX712m monitors.
The SRX712M was designed with one goal - build the lightest, smallest, loudest, clearest stage monitor possible while delivering strikingly professional appearance.

Allen and Heath Zed-14

1x Allen & Heath Zed-14 Mixer.
ZED-14 is a fantastic entry-level mixer for small bands, solo performers or AV applications. Its comprehensive feature set, compact size and fine lines combine to make it one of the best small mixers around. Provided with configurable USB audio in/out makes it easy to capture stereo recordings, 6 mic or line inputs, 4 stereo inputs with EQ, there are an incredible 157 controls on the front panel of the ZED-14.

Lab.Gruppen FP10000Q

Power by Lab.Gruppen FP Series.
A highly demanding touring environment, competitive sound hire companies the world over have come to rely on Lab.gruppen’s FP+ Series amplifiers for performance

Microphones and Balancer boxes
Mic's and Di's
2x Di boxes, 4x Vocal Mic's, 1x Drum Kit Mic's, 3x Instrument Mic's, 1x Condenser, Includes Mic's stands and all cabling included.